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Liaoning Shengchang green Boiler Co. Ltd.

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Yingkou headquarters address: Liaoning province Yingkou City West District Ronghua Road No. 8 (New Street westbound 50 meters south to Panpan crane visible) 

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Hohai Lake - Liaoning Yingkou, is located in the central Liaodong Peninsula, northeast is the modern history of the first external opening of the port, "the Commissioner of Shanghai" said.

Liaoning Shengchang green Boiler Co. Ltd., founded in 2006, the company currently holds B boiler manufacturing license and I level boiler installation maintenance certificate, is specializing in the production of high-end energy-saving boiler manufacture, installation and maintenance, transformation of thermal power operation and energy management contract of specialized industrial chain company.

The manufacturing center of the company set up in Yingkou coastal industrial base, covers an area of 30000 square meters, more than 150 employees, including technicians who reached more than 30 people, with a number of technical production line center is committed to providing high quality products and service system for customers, relying on independent research and development ability and scientific management, year the production capacity of 3000 tons of steam, is the research and production of energy-saving environment-friendly boiler area in southern Liaoning most modern scale.

Professional design institutions in Beijing Sheng Industrial boiler energy-saving environmental protection boiler design center Masayuki light Liaoning Shengchang green Boiler Co. Ltd. established in Beijing, Beijing science and technology advantages of capital and information resources relying on R & D center, with Professor Li Zhiguang boiler industry experts and the core team of talents, and according to user needs, research and development, the design of new energy saving and environmental protection industrial boiler products.

Shengshi Changlong, Sheng Chang green boiler, life and growth in nature, for many years, always adhere to the "meet customer needs and create a" business philosophy, to the "green energy" for the mission, with "green fuel" features, to "continuous improvement" as the core

We will continue to push ahead with the development of energy conservation and environmental protection, and make unremitting efforts to improve energy structure, create low-carbon cities, create a better living environment and save energy resources.

Liaoning Shengchang green Boiler Co. Ltd.

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