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Is China's boiler industry experts, has long been engaged in teaching and research work of boiler, boiler main areas: strength, similarity and modeling technology, the boiler work product innovation; participation in our country has presided over the previous national and industrial boiler strength standard drafting, establishment, revision, review. Presided over the new type water fire tube shell boiler, Chinese characteristics of the third generation water fire tube combined thread smoke tube boiler, high efficiency and low stress horizontal internal combustion gas (oil) research and development, design of boiler forced circulation type water fire tube boiler water-cooled grate boiler, published 10 academic monographs and hundreds of papers, professional technology, access to a number of the utility model patent certificate.


Prof. Li Zhiguang

Sheng Masayuki boiler design research center of light (Beijing) (2001 - present) director

Beijing Electric comprehensive technical and Economic Research Institute (1998-2001) General Engineer

General engineer of Electrical Engineering Bureau of the Ministry of machinery industry (1996-1998)

Professor of Harbin working University (1954-1996), director of the Department of dynamic work

Once concurrently:

Committee member of the safety technical appraisal committee of the former Ministry of labor, boiler and pressure vessel

Director of the energy conservation center of the former National Defense Department

Member of the teaching and Guiding Committee of the former machinery department higher industrial school

Member of the national higher education self-study examination Steering Committee of the former Ministry of Higher Education


Thermal energy engineering - boiler and nuclear powered steam generator (1954 - present)

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