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Alternative products of gas fired boilers

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Alternative products of gas fired boilers

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"Coal to gas" is one of the main means to reduce the emission of air pollutants. Most of the industrial boiler coal fired by gas fired boiler is raw coal which has not been washed. The emission level of pollutants is relatively high, and its contribution to urban air pollution is as high as 45%-65%. "Coal to gas" will replace coal fired boilers into natural gas boilers, which can significantly reduce the emission of pollutants.

Unlike the white cloud steam heating boiler chimneys, the large chimneys of the heating boiler room in Tongzhou District bamboo and wood factory no longer smoke in the winter. Originally, the boiler room was equipped with an integrated equipment for flue gas purification and waste heat recovery, and at the same time, heat and water resources were recovered. Blocking the chimney's running and running would save 1 million cubic meters of gas in one year.

Heating and heating is an important field of urban energy consumption. The white vapour out of the large chimneys is a high temperature gas emitted by the boiler, which is condensed into vapour after cooling in the air. Data show that the heat loss of this part is up to 10% of the total energy. At the same time, a large amount of water produced by combustion of gas is also discharged into the air with "white smoke".

Gas boiler factory


Last year, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission supports the deep energy-saving technology company source Jingneng group in cooperation with the Tsinghua University, the state-owned enterprise capital, market, management and other advantages, together with the University Institute of research and development, personnel and other advantages, based in the pre heat absorption type heat recovery technology, the further development of the spray type gas boiler flue gas purification heat recovery equipment integration, the recovery of sensible heat and latent heat of flue gas of boiler exhaust gas to carry water vapor condensation heating for release.

"When the boiler flue gas is cooled to less than 40 degrees Celsius, a large amount of heat can be released." Zhao Yan, the head of the technology, told the reporter, "this is the latent heat released by the gas water molecules into liquid water." The spray flue gas cleaning waste heat recovery system installed at bamboo and wood factory successfully reduced the flue gas temperature from 90 degrees before transformation to 25 degrees Celsius, while recovering the flue gas showed obvious heat and recovered a lot of latent heat of steam.

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