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What are the cautions for the use of fully automatic gas fired boilers

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What are the cautions for the use of fully automatic gas fired boilers

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What are the cautions for the use of fully automatic gas fired boilers

A gas boiler is used to provide heat, and it is literally a boiler that uses gas as a fuel.

Gas fired boilers can be used both in industry and in life.

The security matters to be noted are:


In order to prevent gas explosions, gas boilers need not only to purge the boiler furnace and flue gas before start-up, but also to purge gas supply pipelines. Generally, the inert gas is used in the blowing medium of gas supply pipeline.

For example, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc., and the blowing of the boiler furnace and the flue, the air of a certain flow and flow rate is used as a sweeping medium.

(2) for a gas boiler, once a fire is not taken at a time, it must be carried out before the furnace flue is blown again.

Second ignition.


During the combustion adjustment process of gas fired boiler, we must detect the components of exhaust gas to determine the excess air coefficient and incomplete combustion to ensure the combustion quality. Generally speaking, the gas boiler is in the process of operation.

The carbon monoxide content should be lower than 100ppm, and the excess air coefficient should not exceed 1.1 ~ 1.2 at high load.

Under low load conditions, the excess air coefficient should not exceed 1.3.


In the case of no corrosion or condensate collection at the rear of the boiler, gas boiler should try to avoid long-term operation at low load or low parameter.


For a gas boiler fueled with liquid gas, special attention should be paid to the ventilation conditions of the boiler room. Because the heavy liquid gas is larger than the air, in case of leakage, it is very easy to cause the liquid gas to coagulate and spread on the ground, causing a malignant explosion.

(6) the fireman should always pay attention to the gas valve switch. Non leakage of gas pipeline

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