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How to solve the full water of the gas boiler?

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How to solve the full water of the gas boiler?

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During the operation of gas fired boiler, the boiler full water is the phenomenon that the water level is higher than the highest permissible line or the water level is not seen, the color of the glass tube (plate) of the automatic gas boiler water level is darkened, and the high water level alarm occurs at high and low water level. When the gas steam boiler appears full of water will cause a large amount of steam with water, which may make the steam pipeline water hammer phenomenon, reduce the steam quality, affecting the normal steam supply, which will make the superheater tube fouling, steam equipment damage.

Therefore, the relevant engineers of the manufacturer actively analyze the solution of the full water of the following gas fired boilers.

1. Rinse the water level of a gas boiler and check whether there is a false water level. It is determined whether it is a slight full water or a serious full water.

Fully automatic gas boiler

2, if it is seriously full of water, emergency shutdown shall be done, water supply shall be stopped, water discharge shall be speeded up, drainage shall be speeded up, and the water level shall return to normal. After examination, the pipeline and valve can be used, and the operation can be resumed after finding out the cause and eliminating it.

3, if it is slightly filled with water, it should reduce combustion, change the water automatic regulator to manual operation, partially or completely turn off the water supply valve, reduce or stop the water supply, open the economizer recirculation, valve or bypass flue. When necessary, the drain valve can be opened, a small amount of water is released, and the steam pipes and Superheater drain valves are opened to speed up the drainage.

The above is the measures to deal with the gas boiler full of water. I hope you can learn to use it. Once the phenomenon of gas boiler full of water occurs, we can take the above methods in time to solve the problem and minimize the losses caused by full water.

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