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Pipe type boiler with combined thread and pipe

Pipe type boiler with combined thread and pipe

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  • Date:2018/03/05
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Pipe type boiler with combined thread and pipe

Pipe type steam boiler with combined thread and pipe

Pipe type boiler with combined thread and pipe

Combined thread smoke pipe water and fire tube type hot water boiler

Pipe type boiler with combined thread and pipe

Sheng Masayuki Boiler Design Research Center recently developed light "combined thread smoke tube boiler" is a new type water fire tube shell boiler is widely used in our country "(the second generation water fire tube boiler) a new boiler developed on the basis of (which belongs to the third generation water fire tube boiler).

The number of China's largest water tube boiler, water fire tube boiler with internal combustion type fire tube boiler three kinds of industrial boiler series, in addition to having China characteristics of water fire tube boiler, water tube boiler or whether other internal combustion type fire tube boiler, its basic types and popular international type small ISO datong. At present, a considerable proportion of the water fire tube boiler is still a major form of industrial boilers in China after research and improvement.

New type water fire tube shell boiler development has experienced twenty-eight years: 1983 after a lot of research in Harbin Institute of Technology, the development of boiler by old type water fire tube (first generation water fire tube boiler) to develop new model; 1988 to the former Ministry of machinery industry Beijing Electric comprehensive technical and economic research; after 1993, in Sheng Masayuki boiler design R & D center light variety has been expanding. Because of this type of boiler has many advantages, can be widely used in the long-term production and domestic heating, its annual output with the total capacity is more than any other kind of boiler, especially the amount of 40 tons of steam and the smaller capacity larger, in addition, the relevant technology and products are also affected abroad. At present, the capacity of this type of boiler has developed to 100 steam tons, and the pressure is generally not more than 1.6MPa. In order to develop more capacity, higher pressure and further improve performance, "combined thread smoke tube boiler" appeared.

The main change of the combined thread type flue pipe boiler is that the large diameter flat shell can be changed into multiple small diameter vertical thread tube.

The combined thread smoke tube boiler continues to adopt the following advanced technologies that have been tested by the "new type of fire tube boiler shell boiler" for a long time.

One, thread cigarette pipe

Threaded pipe has been widely applied in China's new shell boiler, such as coal fired, fuel oil, gas and biomass, waste heat boiler, hot blast stove, economizer and air preheater. The reasons are: (1) high efficiency heat transfer and simple processing. (2) as long as the design speed and operation are reasonable, the heat transfer performance of the threaded flue pipe is basically unchanged.

Two. Backwater ejection

A simple structure and small flow resistance water injection (hot water) can significantly improve the heating surface water speed, and the heating surface without power failure protection, not only widely used in water and fire tube shell boiler, but also has the application of water tube boiler.

Three, simple steam water separation

The simple structure of steam water gravity separation (steam type) can provide very low temperature steam, which has been widely used and verified by domestic and foreign experiments.

Four, self support

Self support (boiler body supporting itself, carrying bellows supporting all boilers) obviously saves steel and is widely used in new type water and fire tube boiler, and water tube boiler is also applied.

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