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A good helper for haze reducing haze by biomass boiler

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A good helper for haze reducing haze by biomass boiler

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With the rapid development of China's economy, energy consumption is also increasing. Pollutant emissions from coal-fired boilers are large. Air pollution caused by biomass boilers is a serious threat to the environment we depend on. Energy and climate has become a worldwide problem. What's more concerned is the continuous haze and weather in China in recent years, which seriously threatens people's physical and mental health and safe travel.

The main components of haze are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and inhalable particles. One of the main sources of inhalable particulates is flue gas emitted from coal-fired boilers. At present, there are about about 500000 industrial boilers in China. The annual coal consumption is about 1/3 of the national coal consumption. The environmental pollution caused by coal-fired industrial boilers is very serious. A large number of industrial boilers must be replaced by clean energy, and the demand for new energy is also more and more urgent.

Biomass boiler factory



Biomass boiler, as a new type of environmental protection boiler, can reduce the occurrence of fog and haze weather. It is of great significance for the haze reduction and haze treatment. So, what is a biomass boiler, what is the advantage of the biomass boiler in the end? The following Shandong Quartet boilers take you in depth.

Biomass boiler is biomass energy fired boiler, which can be divided into biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler, biomass heat transfer oil boiler and so on. The fuel of biomass boiler is a kind of clean energy, which is made of straw, wood sawdust, and other agricultural and forestry wastes. As the fuel of the boiler, its burning time is long, the combustion furnace temperature is high and the economy is economical.

After biomass combustion, biomass boilers can achieve zero emissions of carbon dioxide, micro emissions of nitrogen oxides, and emissions of SO2 and soot.

Generally speaking, whether in terms of energy saving or environmental protection, biomass boiler can not only meet the needs of enterprises, but also meet the environmental requirements.

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