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Energy saving and environment-friendly biomass boiler

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Energy saving and environment-friendly biomass boiler

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In China, there are about about 500000 industrial boilers at present, and the amount of coal consumption per year is about 1/3 of the total amount of coal consumption in the country. In addition to biomass boiler manufacturers, the environmental pollution caused by coal-fired industrial boilers is also quite serious, so a large number of industrial boilers must be replaced to use clean energy. According to the conditions of biomass resources in China, the use of agricultural and forestry waste as the fuel of the boiler has the characteristics of environmentally friendly and renewable. So for the study of industrial boiler biomass combustion technology, biomass boiler development and production is of great significance for saving conventional energy, optimizing the status of energy structure and reducing environmental pollution.

In addition, because of the limitation of electric power, natural gas supply and gas pipeline in China, it can not be realized at present, and will turn all coal-fired boilers into electric boilers or gas-fired boilers in China. The low operating cost of biomass boilers is easier to be accepted by the vast number of furnace units, and it also fills the gap.

The fuel of biomass boiler comes from waste crops, such as corn straw, rice rod, bark and so on, and processed into biomass fuel through corresponding equipment. Biomass fuel is also known as green coal. As a boiler fuel, it has a long combustion time, high combustion chamber temperature and economic benefits. It is important for environmental pollution, CO zero emission and SO2 zero emissions. It belongs to renewable energy and can be recycled. It can completely replace wood, coal, natural gas and other energy sources.

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