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What matters to be noticed before the application of biomass boilers

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What matters to be noticed before the application of biomass boilers

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Biomass boiler is the core of the whole enterprise's operation for furnace unit, and the safety production of biomass boiler is a very important job for an enterprise. Below, for everyone to parse.

First, when using biomass boilers, it is necessary to use the manual in strict accordance with the use manual. Because the biomass boiler is a kind of high temperature equipment after all, if it is not used properly, it will cause very serious safety accidents. In the process of using biomass boiler must abide by the rules, safety and fireman so as to guarantee the safety of the equipment.

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Two, second, before the biomass boiler starts, it must be checked first. The purpose of the inspection is to let you know whether the biomass boiler can work normally. If the biomass boiler is not able to work properly, it will open up, which will have a bad effect on the equipment itself. It may also have an impact on other devices. So the Shandong Quartet boiler recommends that you must do a good job in the earlier period before the biomass boiler is running. If the biomass boiler is found to be in trouble, do not start the machine and keep it in time. However, it is worth emphasizing that in the maintenance process, do not open the voltage to keep the voltage closed in order to protect the safety of the maintenance personnel.

Three, in ordinary times, when the biomass boiler is running, we must pay attention to the cleaning problem. In peacetime, it is necessary to clean the interior of the boiler. For some key parts, we need to do the work of anti rust and moisture-proof. This can make the biomass boiler run normally and prolong the life of the biomass boiler. If the biomass boiler is rusty, it is suggested not to start up, so it is easy to cause an electric shock accident.

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