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Safety matters needing attention during installation of biomass boilers

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Safety matters needing attention during installation of biomass boilers

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Biomass boiler, as a special equipment, should be operated strictly according to relevant regulations when installing and installing biomass boiler manufacturers. Those matters should be paid attention when installing biomass boiler.

1, when the biomass boiler is produced, it should have the design document of "safety technical specification", the product quality qualification certificate, the safety and service instructions, and the supervision and inspection certificate (safety performance supervision and inspection certificate).

2, units engaged in the installation, maintenance and transformation of biomass boilers shall have the qualification certificates for special equipment installation and maintenance issued by the provincial quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, so as to install, maintain and transform the boiler. The construction unit will inform the local special equipment safety supervision and management department before the construction will be installed, repaired and rebuilt before the construction, and inform the local quality and Technology Supervision Bureau for the record, inform the rear of the construction.

3. After the construction of biomass boiler, the construction unit should report to the boiler's water pressure test and installation inspection to the special equipment inspection bureau of the quality and Technology Supervision Bureau. After the qualification, the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the special equipment inspection institute and the county quality and Technical Supervision Bureau are involved in the overall acceptance.

4, after acceptance of biomass boiler, the boiler unit must fill in the registration form of boiler (census), and register with the quality and Technology Supervision Bureau, and apply for the registration certificate of special equipment safety usage according to the regulations on the registration and use of special equipment.

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In early 5, operation of biomass boiler, fireman related personnel must be trained and qualified, have "special equipment operating personnel certificate" certified personnel operation, and in use must strictly abide by the rules and eight institutions, six records.

6, for the installation and use of biomass boiler once a year to carry out a regular inspection, no regular safety inspection of the boiler can not be used. The safety valves of boiler related accessories should be checked regularly every year, the pressure meter is checked once every half year, and the safety accessories without regular inspection shall not be used.

7. The permanent pressure boiler is strictly forbidden to be installed as a pressure boiler. No use of water level meter, safety valve, pressure gauge three large safety accessories Boilers.

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