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Characteristics and related classification of the controller on a gas fired boiler

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Characteristics and related classification of the controller on a gas fired boiler

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The characteristics of gas boiler controller on the first point, the gas boiler manufacturers is itself will have Chinese super large LCD screen, and in which there is an incandescent luminous lamp, whether it is night or during the day, the screen will appear the content is clearly visible on the gas boiler controller; the image is animated, will display the water level, heating state and its valve status and alarm state, the boiler at a glance at run time.

Gas CPU intelligent central processor used in the boiler controller, the program will focus on a digital chip, extensibility, high degree of automation, the operation is simple and convenient, the function is strong; with the temperature setting, time setting, the valve is set, then, will with the continuous setting, timing setting, there is the pressure setting and other control functions, can be arbitrarily set working state.

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Gas controller on the boiler has very low water level alarm (anti dry function), and ultra high temperature alarm system, alarm is also has the function of ultra high pressure alarm and protection ability of different kinds of chain (stop), eliminate all security risks.

Gas boiler controller, with self diagnosis, record and storage and other related alarm information, can check the alarm at any time, and in the maintenance time is also very convenient. For this day, gas fired boilers will be divided into natural gas boilers, urban gas boilers and coke oven gas boilers and so on.

Gas controller of the boiler combustion system, when it comes to it, using imported burner and automatic program control, this day fan gas boiler equipment on the automatic purge, and its electronic automatic ignition, oil and gas can also automatic combustion, oil (gas) automatic proportion adjustment, atomizing effect is also very good, burning up very well, has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection.

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