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Structure of gas fired boiler

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Structure of gas fired boiler

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Gas boiler combustion for horizontal fast three return fire tube steam gas boiler. The internal structure of the gas boiler manufacturers of gas boiler gas boiler using the bias furnace wet back structure, followed by washing second and three high temperature flue gas return pipe, and then the smoke chamber through the chimney into the atmosphere. Zhengzhou boiler equipped with smoke box before and after flow the cover, to facilitate inspection of the boiler. The boiler configuration function good combustor, the combustion automatic proportion adjustment, automatic feed water regulator, program start stop, automatic operation of advanced technology, and has high and low level alarm and low water level, high pressure, automatic flameout protection. This type of boiler has the advantages of compact structure safe and reliable, convenient operation, quick installation, low pollution, low noise and high efficiency.

Main features:

A, gas steam boiler overall structure, reasonable and compact, belongs to the boiler island, with quick premise. This product is composed of three big departments; the host boiler chimney and pipeline system, in which the host and the chimney in the workshop manufacturing sector has been completed, pipe valves, instrument host matching has random install, transport to the site will be assembled on-site. The host and the chimney connected to gas source, power supply, water pipes can be run. Shorten the installation period, and can guarantee the quality of the products.

Gas boiler factory

B boiler design function advanced. The host belongs to the whole structure of the boiler, burner assembly before the smoke box cover, the main body arrangement of heating surface and the combustion chamber with the Department. Reasonable structure, compact structure, low steel consumption, furnace with offset waveform furnace, thermal insulation layer adopts new lightweight thermal insulation material, the outer packing color sheet, packaging is a cuboid shape, so that the boiler performance, weight, size, appearance and structure in sea products with capacity significantly improved compared with predecessors and the look and feel. The boiler feed water equipment in the boiler boiler on the right side of the base is integrated with the host, not the other do.

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