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Technical requirements for bursting of gas fired boilers

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Technical requirements for bursting of gas fired boilers

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In order to ensure the safe operation of gas fired boilers, the following warning is given as follows:

1. Selection of burners

In the boiler factory boiler manufacturing enterprises shall specify requirements in technical data burner configuration technology, provide technical scheme of mature, safe and reliable burner gas boiler installed in the boiler manufacturers, warning labels obvious position, clear boiler debugging and the ignition safety matters needing attention. Under normal circumstances, boiler burners should be selected by the boiler manufacturers. When the special situations need to be selected by the boiler units, the users should confirm that the selected burners conform to the technical requirements specified by the boiler manufacturers. The boiler installation supervision and inspection unit shall verify whether the selected burner is in conformity with the technical requirements of the boiler manufacturing enterprise.

Two, type test of burner

The burner shall meet the requirements of the safety technical specifications and standards such as the safety technical supervision of the boiler, and the fuel gas burner should pass the type test. Before the relevant safety technical specification is not revised, it is recommended that the relevant units choose the burner that is qualified for type test, so as to improve the safety performance and energy saving and environmental protection level of the boiler.

Three. Requirements for use

The utility unit of the boiler shall not change and conciliate the control procedure of the operation of the burner. The utility unit of the boiler shall carry out daily inspection on the burner, boiler safety accessories and safety interlocking device according to the requirements of the boiler related safety technical specifications. When a burner is needed, the boiler should be used by the boiler unit to invite the unit of the burner or the unit authorized by it.


Four. Debugging

The commissioning of the newly installed boiler should be completed by the boiler installation unit or boiler manufacturer, and the boiler operators should be operated by the corresponding qualified boiler operators when commissioning. When the burner is required to be debugged, the site guidance should be carried out by the burner manufacturing unit or the technical personnel of its authorized unit. During the commissioning of the boiler system and burner, the safety management unit of the boiler use unit shall ensure that the unrelated personnel shall not be gathered near the boiler.

Five, reform and repair

The modification or replacement of boiler burners should fulfill the procedure of construction notification according to the provisions of boiler repair. The transformation, replacement and commissioning of boiler burners shall be responsible for the cooperation of the boiler manufacturers and their authorized units. After modification or replacement of the burner, the user should check the safety accessories of the boiler safety valve and safety interlock protection device, and form a self checking record. Any modification, repair and replacement of the burner shall not reduce the safety performance and energy efficiency of the boiler and should meet the requirements of environmental protection. When inspecting the boiler outside, the inspection organization should also check the above self checking records of the users, and check whether the burner has passed the type test and whether the safety accessories are qualified or not.

Coal fired boilers should not be transformed into gas, fuel or other liquid fuels. In special circumstances, it should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the boiler reform.

Six. Other

Before the installation of gas boiler, related units shall supply in accordance with the GB 50028 "town gas design code" and other national standards or industry standards to determine the safe and reliable use, in the gas supply system for pressure vessel and pressure pipes and cylinders shall comply with the technical standards of special equipment safety standards and requirements.

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