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Working principle of full automatic fuel gas boiler

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Working principle of full automatic fuel gas boiler

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The fully automatic fuel gas boiler is a horizontal internal combustion wet back three return fire tube boiler.

Working principle: the fuel gas boiler is injected into the combustion chamber by the combustion gas boiler to burn. The high temperature smoke generated by the combustion chamber is broken into second heat pipes with excellent heat transfer through the wet smoke box, and then retract the third return pipes through the front smoke box, and finally discharged into the atmosphere after the smoke box and chimney.

Wet smoke box (wet back type), that is, the combustion chamber is immersed in the water, the high humidity smoke is surrounded by the water space, which not only effectively utilizes the heating surface, but also avoids the defects such as the high temperature of the flue gas box and the short circuit of smoke after drying back boiler.

The thread smoke tube and a light pipe optimization combination of high temperature flue gas and the water convection heat transfer between the full heating surface, the thread smoke tube can thus enhance heat transfer of flue gas disturbance, third return flue gas temperature is relatively low by light pipe to avoid the flue gas resistance is too high.

Fully automatic gas boiler

Large enough water space and steam space to keep the boiler parameters stable and not change with the change of load.

The steam water separator can efficiently separate the moisture in the steam, reduce the humidity and salt content in the steam, and improve the quality of the steam.

The Department of light 871 high temperature liquid instead of ordinary refractory mud daub smoke box insulation fire protection, insulation materials will not be taken away and blocked flue gas pipe, and reduce the temperature of the smoke box.

The aluminum silicate fiber with light insulation material is used to improve the thermal insulation performance and reduce the weight.

The front and back smoke box has a detachable smoke box door to clean the pipe.

The combustion chamber in the combustion chamber can be observed before and after the combustion chamber.

The rear part of the burning chamber is provided with a spring type check hole explosion door, play a role in the ignition and deflagration pressure relief, pressure relief after the self restitution, don't like to stop sabotage type explosion-proof door replacement explosion-proof membrane, and check the hole for maintenance from entering the combustion chamber.

The top of the boiler is opened with a manhole, and a head hole and a hand hole are opened at the 45 degree side of the side, so that it is easy to check.

The boiler starts quickly, and the average 15 minutes can reach the rated output.

As for automatic control: automatic control device for fuel and gas boiler, its sensing elements and meters are matched with famous products at home and abroad, whose performance is stable and reliable, which directly affects the safety and operation of boiler. The water level and pressure have automatic adjustment and multi-level alarm protection function. Only the knob in the automatic position, can realize automatic operation, and any influence of boiler safety factors (such as low water level, high pressure, combustion failure) can automatically disconnect the combustion or stop machine.

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