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The main features of the fully automatic gas steam generator

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The main features of the fully automatic gas steam generator

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Product features

1, automatic gas steam generator, all Chinese LCD screen, human-machine interface, users only need to set easily, automatic gas boiler boiler is able to start and stop according to user requirements, load regulation, automatic water supply and other automatic operation. The boiler has complete function, complete protection, simple operation, safe and reliable, and has the function of self diagnosis. Once the abnormal phenomenon occurs in the operation of the boiler, the combustion will be interrupted automatically, and the sound and light alarm is sent out.

2, according to the controller's instructions to burn and stop automatically, the independent program controller has a number of safety protection, the performance is safe and stable, the maintenance rate is low.

3, full fuel combustion, boiler stable operation; the smoke pipe is inserted inside the spoiler, slowing down the exhaust speed, increase the heat exchange, high thermal efficiency of the boiler, reduce the cost of users.

4, the flame in the combustion chamber is positive pressure combustion, fully extended, low combustion heat load, high combustion heat efficiency, effectively reducing the exhaust gas temperature, saving energy and reducing consumption, and using the economy. The structure of corrugated tube and thread smoke pipe can improve the heat absorption strength of the boiler, and meet the need of heat expansion of the heat exchange surface. It is scientific and reasonable and durable.

Fully automatic gas boiler

Fully automatic gas boiler


5, the boiler is designed, manufactured and inspecting to ensure that the boiler has good quality, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, stable pressure, sufficient gas supply and economical use.

6, the boiler's furnace gallbladder space is large, the storage steam is much, and the ability to adapt to the load is strong. A reasonable built-in steam water separator is designed to meet the needs of users with high quality steam. The furnace body opens manholes, head holes and hand holes to make it easy to clean up the inside of the furnace, so that the maintenance and maintenance are very convenient.

7, the safety of boiler is provided with a multistage interlock protection: pressure switch protection (higher than the set pressure automatic stop and alarm), low level of protection (in the boiler water level is lower than the warning level, automatically cut off the power supply and safety valve protection (alarm), boiler pressure exceeds the working pressure, automatic discouraged Buck) to ensure that the boiler under various working conditions, no danger of anything going wrong. Get home safe.

8. The mechatronic appearance of organic combination of full automatic gas steam generator, compact and novel, compact and less space, convenient for transportation and installation.


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