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What are the cautions for the use of fully automatic gas fired boilers

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What are the cautions for the use of fully automatic gas fired boilers

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What are the cautions for the use of fully automatic gas fired boilers

In order to ensure safe and economic operation of fuel gas boiler and ensure personal safety, boiler operators must strictly implement the relevant regulations and regulations of steam boiler safety and technical supervision regulation.

1 start, boost, supply steam

1.1 preparatory work before starting

1.1.1 internal and external inspection: confirm that boiler body, burner and accessory equipment are in good condition. Safety accessories, valves and meters are flexible and correct.

1.1.2 checks whether the line voltage meets the requirements, whether all kinds of switch positions are normal, and whether the auxiliary pumps running on the pump, combustion fan or pump are normal.

1.1.3 boiler water: open the emptying valve, so that the water level to the normal water level (slightly below the water level).

1.2 start

Fully automatic gas boiler

1.2.1 first furnace purging induced fan suction time is usually 10 minutes or so, to ensure that no residual gas in the furnace, the replacement of qualified, and then the ignition, combustion gas.

After the 1.2.2 ignition is completed, the amount of combustion is adjusted according to the required load, and the boiler is put into normal operation.

In the process of 1.2.3 starting, the change of water level should be closely monitored to prevent the occurrence of water shortage accident or full water accident.

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