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Biomass boiler -- a black horse in an environment-friendly boiler

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Biomass boiler -- a black horse in an environment-friendly boiler

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In recent years, with the level of China's science and technology continue to improve, China's biomass boiler manufacturers of biomass boiler industry has been rapid development, biomass boiler in biomass briquette combustion, do not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide, will not cause the formation of acid rain, to alleviate the air pollution in our country have very good promotion effect. Therefore, biomass boilers are widely used in biomass power generation, heating and industrial production, and become the best environmental protection products to replace coal fired boilers.

At present, our country's economy has developed rapidly, and people's living standards have been gradually improved, but the environment has become worse. As far as chemical industry is concerned, in the process of production and processing, the environment has caused a certain negative impact on the environment. As a necessary equipment of the chemical industry, the boiler has caused great pollution to the environment in the process of use, especially the use of coal fired boiler. Therefore, in recent years, the local governments have made great efforts in the renovation of coal-fired boilers. For the boiler industry, the upgrading of boiler equipment is imperative. The transformation and upgrading of producers is also urgent. The future will be the world of clean energy boilers, such as biomass boiler market will continue to expand.

Biomass boiler factory


Biomass boiler as an environmental protection new generation boiler, in biomass briquette as boiler fuel, divided into: biomass steam boiler, hot water boiler, hot blast stove of biomass biomass, biomass stove etc.. Shandong Sifang biomass boiler adopts the most advanced high temperature gasification combustion technology, its principle is: first use of biomass gasification, the biomass fuel is converted into combustible gas, after the fuel gas after combustion, used to produce hot water, steam or heating oil. The equipment is characterized by gasification and combustion in a microsecond time, almost simultaneously, which is currently the only world in the industry.

With the increase of environmental protection, coal-fired boilers are being reformed in a large scale. Biomass boiler has higher cost performance compared with oil and gas fired boiler, and enterprises can also accept it. From the point of view of environmental protection, its environmental protection is also in line with China's environmental standards. Therefore, the development of biomass boiler industry has become unstoppable, and it has become a black horse in the environmental boiler industry.

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