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Emergency stop furnace method biomass boiler

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Emergency stop furnace method biomass boiler

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With the acceleration of the implementation of energy saving and emission reduction targets, the traditional coal-fired boiler is no longer able to meet the needs of the development of the times, and clean and environmentally friendly boiler equipment is favored by the state support and enterprises, especially biomass boiler. Boiler, as a mechanical device, needs to be stopped in an emergency under some abnormal running conditions. If a biomass boiler is in operation, it will ask how to make an emergency shutdown of biomass boiler.

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The emergency shutdown of biomass boiler is different because of the different emergency conditions, so the operation of emergency shutdown will be different. If there is a serious water shortage accident, the boiler needs to be quickly extinguished; the accident of superheater tube explosion needs to be cooled quickly. However, the general operating principle of stopping the furnace is to stop the furnace quickly.

1. immediately stop adding fuel and air supply to the boiler and weaken the wind, and at the same time, try to extinguish the flame in the furnace.

2. after the fire, to close the main steam valve and steam boiler, the total partition, and open the door, will strengthen the ventilation cooling flue baffle, and to stop the wind.

3. need to open the air valve or safety valve exhaust steam pressure, water, sewage and using alternate methods to replace the pot of water, when the water cooled to allow drainage of about 70~12.

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