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Introduction of gas fired boilers

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Introduction of gas fired boilers

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Introduction of gas fired boilers

The gas boiler comprises a gas boiling water boiler, gas-fired hot water boiler, gas steam boiler, which is also called gas hot water boiler gas heating boiler and gas bath boiler, gas boiler and gas boiler manufacturers by definition refers to the fuel gas boiler, gas boiler and oil fired boiler, electric boiler is the most economical, so most people choose gas as the steam boiler, the boiler equipment for heating and bathing.

The gas boiler gas boiling water boiler, including KS-Q CLHS (CWNS) gas hot water boiler, LHS (WNS) gas steam boiler, the gas boiler comprises a gas heating boiler and gas boiler for bath, with the implementation of the national "west east gas transmission project, gas boiler has gradually become the first choice for people to.

Gas boiler factory

The boiler after long time operation, the inevitable emergence of scale and corrosion problem of boiler, the main reasons of the formation of scale is the water hardness with ingredients, after continuous evaporation of high temperature and high pressure after the occurrence of a series of physical and chemical reaction in the furnace, the final formation of scale hard and compact in the heating surface, resulting in the effect of heat and reduce due to corrosion under the scale factors, will lead to the boiler waterwall chamber outlet temperature of the furnace to reduce heat absorption, increase the boiler losses increase. At the same time, the heat transfer effect is reduced after scaling in the water wall, which may lead to the increase of the temperature of the wall of the water wall and lead to the explosion of the water wall, which affects the safe operation of the boiler. The scale is the "boiler harm first", is a major cause of boiler accident, its harm is mainly manifested in: waste a lot of fuel: because one of scores of the scale of the thermal conductivity of steel only, so when the heating surface fouling will cause heat transfer is blocked, in order to maintain the output of boiler, it is necessary to improve the fire side temperature, so that the outward radiation and exhaust heat loss caused by. We can use high-efficiency environmental protection and non corrosive cleaning agent to clean the gas-fired boiler. Fuxi Tek cleaning agent completely dissolves the scale of cleaning, making the equipment tube expose the metal primary color, and reduce the influence of scaling and biological algal sludge. At the same time, the stripping of iron oxide and iron oxide can prolong the service life of the gas boiler, reduce the energy consumption and increase the productivity.

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