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Analysis of combustion principle and characteristics of biomass boiler

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Analysis of combustion principle and characteristics of biomass boiler

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Analysis of combustion principle and characteristics of biomass boiler

The principle of combustion of biomass boiler:

1) biomass enters the combustion chamber evenly from the feeding mechanism. After ignition, the volatile matter in the fuel rapidly precipitates and the flame burns inward. The biomass boiler manufacturer rapidly forms the high temperature area in the gas (solid) phase combustion chamber, creating a condition for continuous and stable ignition.

2) the fuel in the combustion chamber is rapidly decomposed into flammable gas under the condition of high temperature and anoxia, and is sent to the gas combustion chamber for gas combustion.

3) in the gas phase combustion at the same time, more than 90% of the volatile split into hot fuel delivery system by solid solid conveying to the combustion chamber, completely burn after ash discharged into the slag pool or ashpit;

4) during the transport process, the small particle fuel and the unburned particles are suspended in the air (solid) combustion chamber under the action of the wind.

5) for complete combustion, the oxygen supply is proportionally allocated from multiple oxygen distribution parts to replenish the oxygen required for the combustion combustion at the outlet of the furnace, and the high temperature flue gas after the combustion is absorbed into the heating surface of the boiler, and then is discharged to the atmosphere after being dusting.



1) the high temperature area can be rapidly formed, maintaining the state of layer combustion, gasifying combustion and suspension combustion stably. The flue gas stays in the high temperature furnace for a long time. After many times of oxygen supply, full combustion and high utilization rate of fuel, the problem of black smoke is fundamentally solved.

2) the original concentration of the flue dust emission is low.

3) the fuel combustion is continuous, the working condition is stable, and the force can be guaranteed without the effect of adding fuel or poking fire.

4) high automation, low labor intensity, simple operation, convenient, no complex operation procedure.

5) the fuel has wide adaptability and no slagging, which completely solves the problem of biomass easy to slagging.

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