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Common troubles and treatment methods of biomass boiler dust removal equipment

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Common troubles and treatment methods of biomass boiler dust removal equipment

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In the operation of biomass boiler, all kinds of auxiliary equipment of biomass boiler factory are special and occupy an important position in the operation of boiler. Boiler, as the main equipment for industrial enterprises and heating enterprises to operate normally, plays a decisive role in production, but it is also one of the main causes of environmental pollution. According to the relevant data, the exhaust emissions from boiler pollution have reached hundreds of millions of tons of dust. So the dust removal work of the boiler is becoming more and more important.

For the dust removal work of biomass boiler, mainly from two aspects. One is to install dust removal equipment and collect all the dust that has been produced for treatment. The two is to reduce the amount of dust in the operation of the boiler, select the correct combustion mode and improve the technical level of the combustion.

Biomass boiler factory

For biomass boilers, when burning biomass fuels, the dry and wet degree of biomass fuels will have a great impact on the dust of the boiler to a certain extent. In order to solve the problem of dust removal, many factors should be taken into consideration. For example, the types of biomass fuels selected, the way of combustion and the size of dust particles are important factors that affect the amount of dust. Sifang boiler, a professional boiler manufacturer in Shandong, reminds the furnace unit that all the above mentioned situations can improve the amount of dust discharged, and we can improve the combustion mode of the boiler according to these situations. In order to make the dust reach the minimum emission value.

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