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On the internal structure of biomass boilers

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On the internal structure of biomass boilers

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On the internal structure of biomass boilers

In the field of modern heavy industry, in order to better protect the ecological environment, the use of biomass boiler to replace the traditional coal-fired boiler. But I believe there are many friends who do not know much about the internal structure of the boiler.

Biomass boiler factory

   The general structure of the general biomass boiler includes the main parts of the boiler body, auxiliary equipment and safety charging device. The core part of boiler used to produce steam is mainly composed of hearth, boiler, burner, water wall, superheater, economizer, air preheater and furnace wall. It is also called boiler body. In the body of the biomass boiler, two of the main components are the hearth and the pot. The furnace, also known as the combustor, is a space dedicated to fuel combustion. The solid fuel is placed on the grate, and the combustion chamber of the fire bed is called the layer combustion furnace, also known as the fire bed furnace. The solid fuel gas, liquid or powdered, sprayed into the combustion chamber called chamber combustion furnace, furnace or firebox. The furnace is called a boiling furnace, and it is also called a fluidized bed furnace in the industry.

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