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When is an emergency shutdown of a steam boiler

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When is an emergency shutdown of a steam boiler

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When the steam boiler and Shanghai meet the following several conditions, the biomass boiler manufacturers need to take emergency shutdown measures:

(1) when the water level of a steam boiler falls below the minimum water level line of the water level meter, the water level can not be seen by the "call water" method.

(2) when increasing the water level of the boiler, the water level of the boiler continues to decline.

(3) the water supply system is out of order and can not replenishment to the boiler.

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(4) the water level meter and the safety valve fail to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

(5) when the discharge valve is out of order and the control valve is closed not strictly.

(6) when the pressure surface of the boiler or the water wall tube, the pipe and the pipe are broken or broken, the furnace wall and the front arch collapse and fall down.

(7) under the failure of the safety valve, the pressure gauge shows the overpressure operation of the boiler.

When the above situation occurs, the furnace should be stopped at once. At this time, the drum and draught fan should be closed, the furnace door can be opened quickly, the grate is swirled quickly, the fire is reduced, the furnace temperature is lowered, and the coal supply is stopped.

When the boiler is overpressurized, the emergency vent valve located on the cylinder should be opened for discharge and depressurization.

When the furnace is seriously short of water, do not panic, so as to avoid the error of operation. At this time, it is strictly forbidden to fill the furnace with water. When the temperature of the furnace is reduced, the cause is looked for.

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