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Maintenance and cleaning of gas fired boilers

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Maintenance and cleaning of gas fired boilers

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In order to ensure the boiler's water quality to meet the standard and make the hot water heating boiler run without scale or thin scale, the boiler is not seriously corroded. The boiler of the gas boiler manufacturer avoids or reduces the boiler accident. The boiler extends the service life of the boiler, and the following works should be done in the boiler operation and management.

(1) with the leadership of boiler furnace unit, we should strengthen the knowledge of boiler water treatment, grasp the basic knowledge of boiler running water treatment, and attach importance to the management, supervision and assessment of water treatment.

(2) the boiler heating network is strictly washed before being put into operation. Pipe washing scheme, if washed with clean water, the flow rate of the boiler water should not be less than 1.5m/s until the cleaning water in the boiler tube is completely removed from the tube.

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(3) after the boiler is put into operation, it is necessary to periodically stop the furnace to check the scale situation and to clean the scale in time. Technical personnel and water treatment personnel should understand and master the scale of boiler scale, and analyze the scale samples in order to take appropriate measures to deal with them.

(4) on the aging of resin and poor treatment effect of the timely replacement of equipment, boiler room water treatment using sodium ion exchanger, using softened water salt, salt liquid filtration device installation qualified, if it is found that the water treatment effect is not good, the water quality standards, operating personnel should promptly identify the reasons, timely reporting, take water treatment measures, to ensure that water quality standards.

(5) the boiler should be perfected and strictly enforced the responsibility system of boiler water treatment. The operation regulations suitable for the water treatment equipment of this boiler room are formulated, which are not strong responsible for the responsibility, and the work is not serious, and the false water quality laboratory personnel are seriously dealt with.

(6) the boiler in the Labor Department of training and assessment, with the furnace unit to regularly carry out theoretical knowledge, skills training and safety education on the quality of laboratory personnel, and strict examination, after passing the examination issued by the water quality testing personnel appointment cards, certificates, and strive to ensure stability, water quality testing personnel's operation ability and improve the management level.

(7) implement the boiler water quality monitoring system. The boiler water quality departments should regularly monitor the boiler feed water, boiler water, for furnace units to improve the management of water quality, and the good clothes and the improvement of boiler water treatment facilities close test

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