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Cause of fouling in gas fired boilers

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Cause of fouling in gas fired boilers

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The formation of a scale in the internal furnace gas boiler after use in a long time, the gas boiler manufacturers scale more and more the result of combustion is more and more waste gas boiler, saturated steam and more time, then you need to boiler cleaning and descaling.

According to the majority of users in the process of gas boiler will find why gas boiler fouling? This is because the gas boiler in the water heating process, due to calcium and magnesium ions in circulating boiler containing, concentrated and adhesion on the surface of the metal in the process of water boiling, free water formed will be deposited into the boiler slag the lowest point, through the sewage will be discharged out of the boiler. At this time due to boiler water soluble magnesium chloride, water is acidic pH lower than 7, while the anti scaling and scale effect, but will lead to corrosion; similarly, to keep the PH in 8-12 between the metal surface protection, will play the anti scaling, scale, but also form high calcium and magnesium ions adhesion. So the real scaling factor is the calcium and magnesium ions in the water.

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Because the calcium and magnesium ions attached to the boiler wall for a period of time are thicker and thicker as time goes by, it will inevitably affect the heat transfer effect of the gas fired boiler, resulting in uneven heating, which is more likely to cause the boiler explosion. Method of cleaning and descaling of gas boiler is soaked with special corrosion of boiler cleaning detergents; configuration of automatic water softener used in boiler water, boiler to solve the fouling problem fundamentally.

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